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EG17-J10 Video Gastroscope

Latest advancement in transnasal endoscopy EG17-J10


G-EYE® PILOT is the complete colonoscopy solution, combining the true 3D
navigation of SCOPEPILOT with the unique detection and therapeutic
capabilities of G-EYE® in one scope.

HD+ Video Gastroscope EG34-i10

The PENTAX Medical EG34-i10 Video Gastroscope is designed for endoscopists looking to perform advanced therapeutic procedures. The HD+ and CloseFocusTM in combination with i-scan imaging offer diagnostic capabilities and may help to detect and characterize lesions and define their margins.

HemoStat WideCup - Safe control of bleeding

The HemoStat WideCup has a unique bipolar technology for hemostasis, providing less impact on deeper tissue in terms of thermal degeneration with less risk of associated perforation.

PlasmaTYPHOON and PlasmaBAG

The system solution, comprising the PlasmaTYPHOON and the
PlasmaBAG, offers a unique and innovative combination for fast drying
and active storage of endoscopes aiming to reduce the risk of

RetroView Colonoscopes EC-3490Ti

The flexibility of the new EC-3490Ti makes it possible to examine the
mucosa even under difficult conditions. It is ideal for detection and
treatment of polyps or lesions in areas that a conventional colonoscope
could hardly reach.

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