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ARCHIMEDES biliary and pancreatic biodegradeable stent

The ARCHIMEDES biodegradable biliary and pancreatic stent is intended to be used to
drain obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts. The
patented double helical design of the stent allows bile or pancreatic
fluid to flow on the outer extremity of the device while supporting the
patency of the duct.

Barrx (TM) RFA system

The Barrx (TM) channel RFA endoscopic catheter offers the same ablation capabilities as the widely accepted focal and balloon catheters, delivering controlled depth of coagulation for Barrett’s esophagus and other bleeding and non-bleeding conditions of the GI tract.

BEACON EUS delivery system

The Beacon(TM) EUS delivery system offers enhanced innovation, choice, and flexibility for diagnosis and treatment of GI diseases. Three interchangeable needles — the FNA, FNB, and FNF — assure improved tissue acquisition, accurate fiducial placement, and greater procedural flexibility. Physician workflow is optimized with a seamless exchange of needles through a single delivery system. And healthcare staff safety is increased with built-in safety features designed to reduce needlestick injury.


Cytosponge testing led to an increased diagnosis of Barrett’s oesophagus, mproves detection of Barrett’s oesophagus and offers a proactive approach for the identification and treatment of dysplasia and early cancer.

GI Genius

The GI Genius (TM) module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing colonoscopy equipment and workflow. It works in real-time, automatically identifying and marking abnormalities consistent with colorectal polyps, including those with flat (non-polypoid) morphology.


Nexpowder is a newly developed endoscopic hemostatic powder generating gelation effect on a bleeding focus.

Pillcam (TM)

The PillCam (TM) capsule endoscopy platform enables comprehensive GI tract imaging and supports you in providing
the very best care.

The Endoflip (TM)

The Endoflip (TM) impedance planimetry system transforms the way you evaluate symptoms consistent with motility disorders and helps you minimize patient discomfort.

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