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Ambu: A brand new endoscope for every patient

Ambu has been providing breakthrough MedTech solutions for 80+ years, and we’re the world’s largest and most experienced supplier of innovative single-use endoscopes.

With the Ambu aScope single-use endoscope platform, you can assure each patient that you will be performing the procedure with a sterile scope opened straight from a vacuum-sealed pack just for them.

Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno: Clinical evidence dossier

This document includes published peer-reviewed studies on contaminated duodenoscopes, infectious outbreaks, clinical performance and health economics. All studies support claims related to the Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno single-use duodenoscope.

Cross-contamination in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: Why is Less Attention Paid in Europe than the US?

Multiple published studies provide evidence that gastrointestinal endoscopes can be contaminated even after proper reprocessing and that highly contaminated endoscopes increase the risk of patient-to-patient infections. We present data from the literature illustrating that the problem is also present in Europe, thus increased focus and transition to innovative technologies and designs is recommended.

Duodenoscope contamination - what's the evidence?

A 1-page summary of the studies to date demonstrating the evidence of persistent bacterial contamination on clean duodenoscopes

Is contamination of duodenoscopes really a problem? What we know...

More healthcare-associated infections are related to contaminated endoscopes than to any other medical device. Despite the availability of international, national and local endoscope reprocessing guidelines, contamination and transmission of microorganisms continue to occur. Besides, the rise of multidrug-resistant organisms is linked to increasing numbers of duodenoscope related infection outbreaks, resulting in a substantial financial burden to healthcare systems across the world.

Post ERCP infection - what's the evidence?

A 1-page summary of the evidence of the studies to date on infections associated with possible duodenoscope contamination.

Safety risks related to reprocessing of reusable duodenoscopes

This document offers a quick overview of FDA communications around safety risks associated with reusable duodenoscopes used for ERCP procedures. It also includes key numbers from scientific studies indicating the rate and impact of contamination of reusable duodenoscopes.

The benefits of Ambu®aScope™ Duodeno

This document summarizes the benefits of aScope Duodeno, a single-use duodenoscope used for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures. The facts are based on published peer-reviewed evidence.

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